Thursday 25 October 2012

Quilting Around the Edge of Appliqué

After all the work I put into the appliqué on the Diamond Jubilee wall hanging, I had to work out the best way of quilting around the edges before I launched into the free-motion quilting.

The ideal foot to use was the adjustable cording foot, usually used for zips.  Not only is it adjustable, but also it is hinged, so it rides easily over the inevitable bumps.

The red arabesque at the top of the hanging was nothing but curves and corners, but the cording foot made relatively easy work of it.

I was pleased with finished effect - the blanket stitch edging really stood out in relief.


  1. What machine did you use for the blanket stitch?

  2. Hello Mary Ellen,

    The blanket stitch is done by hand. If you look at all the posts under the labels Vintage Machine Appliqué and Blanket Stitch you will see that I have explained the method that I am using.

    I only use straight stitch vintage machines. Even zigzag is a technological step too far for me.




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