Thursday 3 January 2013

The Treadler's-Eye View

When treadling, you spend 99.99 percent of the time looking straight ahead and concentrating on the stitching.  However, for the occasional split second you need to cast a quick glance at the wheel.  When pausing or starting you need to make sure the wheel never turns in the wrong direction.  You can't always guarantee you can get your right hand to the wheel quick enough, so looking out of the corner of your eye is essential.

Keeping your feet dead still when not stitching is pretty important too.  It's all on the video!


  1. Lizzie, Thank you so very much for your expert instructions!! I'll be referring my friend in another state to your site that just found her first treadle and is full of questions. No one has ever explained about the hand movement and looking peripherally -- very good tips. Thank you for your time. I love to find you in my inbox with a bonus video so I can hear your lovely voice. Take care, Allison in Plano, TX USA



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