Friday 22 March 2013

Practising Free Motion Quilting on the Singer 15K Treadle

Some things you just have to practise, so this week I decided to start using all the cheap and cheerful fat quarters I have stashed in my cupboard.  So far, all the free motion quilting I have done has been the same pattern, the meandering infill.  It was time to try something else.

As well as having lots of fat quarters in pretty cotton poplins, I have yards and yards of brushed cotton, left by my sister-in-law's mother.  She was a great one for making nighties and pyjamas for her grandchildren.

I have been making quilted panels with the fat quarters backed with brushed cotton.  The wadding is polyester.  This is a very economical project, and by the end of it I'm hoping to be confident with a range of patterns to use on my posher, more expensive projects.

Here are some views of the back of the panels:-

This one I started in the centre and worked out.

With this one I tried to keep the lines wavy.

This one looks like contour lines on a map.  O-Level geography and all those Ordnance Survey maps came flooding back to me.

Here is the front of the same panel.

I am going to cut each panel into four rectangles and make a bedspread for my daughter.  She is already looking forward to it, and particularly likes these strawberries.

This post has been liked to the Celtic Thistle Stitches blog, so you can visit other blogs where people have been trying out something new this month.  Plenty of inspiration and ideas there!

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  1. I really like the strawberries too!

  2. I just bought a treadle in a parlor cabinet, it is a 15. I can free motion well on my 301s. Do you have any hints for how to free motion on a treadle? I am almost done cleaning it. Thanks!
    Linda from Buffalo, NY

    1. Hello Linda,

      Congratulations on the new machine!

      If you click on the label Free Motion Quilting on the right hand side of the page it will take you to all the posts I have done so far a bout FMQ. On one of the posts you will find the Youtube video I have done showing how to do FMQ on a treadle.

      Good luck - and be warned, it's hot work, best done in cool weather!


  3. Looks lovely! Practising free-motion quilting is on my to do list too (has been for quite a while).

  4. Hard to believe you've done these on a treadle, they're great :)



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