Wednesday 27 November 2013

International Tea Time Grand Prize Draw!

What a wonderful tea party it has been!  All your comments have been such great entertainment, so before announcing the winner of the tea cosy, thank you to everybody who took part, and it is time for a few special mentions:-

Esther for being so sporting.  Even though she opted out of the draw (it just wasn't going to fit her teapot) she left a comment in Dutch.  Thanks to Esther and Translate Google my daughter and I no longer say "on the settee" but "op de bank."

Leo in Germany for her little snippet of German followed by her unrestrained enthusiasm for tea.

Mystica from Ceylon (I'm far too old to say Sri Lanka), who gave the cosy a chance to go and live where tea is grown and cricket is played.

Reb Thack for telling me you can get PG Tips in San Francisco.

Pippirose for making me want to try Formosa Oolong.

Melissa for her rather esoteric taste - eggnog chai latte.

Tina A. likewise, for Read My Lips - black tea with vanilla, mint, chocolate, peppercorns and little red candy lips.  It will never catch on in transport caffs.

Anyway, no prizes for spotting that our regular everyday and all day tea is Yorkshire tea, blended by Taylor's of Harrogate.  Available in our local supermarkets, and occasionally it comes with a caddy with Yorkshire scenes on it.

I particularly love this side of the caddy - dry stone walls, sheep, cricket.  All very Yorkshire.

Now, on to the prize draw...

... and because we have a spare caddy, all 72 names went in, carefully folded and all mixed together.  Entrants near to home (Gloucester and Nottingham), from all corners of the USA and Canada, one each from Spain, Norway, Germany, Israel, Ceylon, the Philippines and Malaysia, and from as far away as Australia.  And some from I didn't know where. 

It was all too exciting for me.  I needed help from my totally detached coffee-drinking son.

So in the interests of cricket, tea and fair play, here is the video of the draw.  It's gripping stuff.

We are thrilled to announce that the winner of the tea cosy is Carla!

Update - Carla is in Holland!  I now have her address so I can post the tea cosy to her, and she sends everybody her greetings... see her comment at the end of the tea party.

Of course after the draw I was so exhausted I needed a big mug of tea.

Welcome to the latest followers, Prairie Stitcher and Nicole Sender - thank you for joining!


  1. Congratulations to Carla from Gloucester!!

  2. GOODMORNING from a cold and dark Holland!
    I have got my cup of ready in my hands to start the day!
    Thank you for mentioning me , LOL!!!
    "Een hele fijne dag gewenst"

    1. Thank you Esther, and good morning from dull damp England!

      Well fancy that, look where Carla is. The tea cosy will soon be listening to tea time chat in Dutch.

      Put the kettle on and have a lovely day!


  3. Got good taste in tea, Yorkshire is the best tea

  4. Than you Gill! The tea cosy is very lovely and it is so nice to see it in my kitchen and I use it every day! Thank you so much Margaret fot sending me such a beautiful gift!
    Lots of love from Holland and me!




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