Wednesday 6 May 2015

Extra Work Space Behind a Treadle Machine

Last week I posted this photo of my husband's ingenious bit of handiwork to provide me with extra work surface behind the treadle machine.  It can't really be referred to as a table because having only one leg, it can't take any real weight, but it is more than adequate for the weight of sewing work and general light clutter.

Space is tight in my sewing corner, so when I don't need the extra surface the machine can be pushed to about three and a half inches from the wall.

When I want to work with the machine, I pull it away from the wall, revealing the large wooden flap.

It hangs from two 3 inch hinges.

When the flap is extended the edges of the hinges are flush with the surface.

The edge of the flap is just over two and three quarters of an inch from the wall.

Underneath is a gate leg, which is hinged to an upright piece of wood which is screwed to the wall. 

When the flap is down the opposite end of the gate leg folds against the wall next to the other hinge.

On the underneath of the flap is a stopper for the top of the gate leg to rest against.  Ignore the notch at the top right of the gate leg.  It shouldn't be there, but it is, and it doesn't matter.

And finally, the toddler's-eye view of the underneath.  The gate leg has a caster, so it is easy to pull into position.

So if you need a work surface but have very little room to spare, you might have room for a gate-legged flap.  There is plenty of room now for me to do free motion quilting without my work bashing against the wall and making me go crooked.  


  1. Cool! Thanks for the great pictures. Cudo's to hubby!

  2. Ingenious! Great to see the detailed pictures. All credit to the inventive genius of Farve.



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