Saturday 21 November 2015

Flights of Fancy - Exhibition at Midsomer Quilting

Last week I visited Flights of Fancy, the exhibition of Angela Knapp's work at Midsomer Quilting, and was totally bowled over by her work.  She has combined her fascination with birds, her artistry, and her skills with needle and thread to produce a beautiful collection of pictures.  As depictions of birds they are incredibly accurate - I identified this peregrine falcon straight away.

This one foxed me, though, because I was thinking of British birds and I was thrown by the scale.  It is a humming bird, with subtle shades of blue, turquoise and rusty reds and browns.

Next to the visitors' book Angela had left her scrap book open, so as well as enjoying all the pictures, visitors could read facts about the birds and see how she had prepared each piece.  Also, Angela was on hand, working on her exhibit for the forthcoming 12 x 12 exhibition, so she showed me how she achieves such amazingly realistic effects. 

It was an absolute delight meeting Angela and seeing her work.  If you want to find out more about the exhibition, and read about her techniques, visit her blog at The Cary Made.  Or, better still, if you are able, visit the exhibition!

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