Friday, 11 January 2019

Travel Knitting

This is the first time I have used bamboo needles.  I have heard so many people say how much they love using them, they are so light and smooth etc etc.  I hate them.  I am tempted to skewer chunks of chicken on them for kebabs and stick them under the grill.  It may come to that, but not yet.  I bought them yesterday because I am going away tomorrow and wanted to take some knitting with me.  If I took metal knitting needles through airport security I would have they would arouse suspicion because they are metal and pointed: the fact that they are knitting needles, with knitting on them, and I'm not the murderous sort anyway, would cut no ice.  They would be confiscated.  While I was in the shop buying them another customer overheard and said it had happened to her, ruining her plans for a long haul flight.  They let her keep her crochet hook, so she had something to do, but she said she was fuming.

So here it is, the latest baby cardigan is on the needles.  I am to be a great aunt yet again twice this spring, so I thought I should put aside an extra cardigan for a little girl.  I'm not totally convinced by the rusty salmon pink, so I am putting in stripes of the random pinky white pastel yarn.  The effect is almost tweedy, and the idea of a miniature Miss Marple cardigan could catch on.  Either that or it will end up looking like a bad taste tea cosy.  We shall see.

As soon as I get home after this trip I shall transfer the stitches onto nice heavy metal needles and I shall be much happier.  In the meantime, I must remember to pack a stitch holder, just in case these wretched little sticks snap when they are packed in my luggage.

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