Wednesday 23 September 2015

Rigging Up The Camera

Quilting with a camera in the way brings its own special challenges.  Not only am I working on a free motion landscape at the moment, but also I am working out how to do some videos, which is something I have wanted to do for ages.

My husband has devised an ingenious system - a metal tube held in a wooden block clamped to the counter beside me, giving clearance for my hands and forearms underneath so I can move the work.  This photo shows the adjustable attachment that the camera has to be screwed to, but of course there is no camera in the photo because it was taking the picture  To do the filming I lean over the camera and look between the camera and the machine.

Here is a very quick test video, showing the same piece of work at an earlier stage.
I think the landscape will be finished before I have really got to grips with the video production, but we're getting there!


  1. looking forward to see more from you on video

  2. Always fun to see someone sewing. Glad you have a handy husband!

  3. Looking forward to the videos - just thought I'd mention in your test one the foot and needle are in shadow - don't know if that's what you intended or are planning to change it anyway? Would be good if we could see that bit too! :0)

    1. Thanks Sam!

      This test was just to see if I could quilt with the metal pole and the camera in the way without knocking the camera. The technical department (ie. my husband) is going to see about lighting next. We'll get there..

  4. Looking forward to seeing more videos. I love your landscape quilts.



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