Thursday 24 September 2015

Free Motion Mavericks - Week 62 - Tea Time Crib Quilt

Until now all the little cot and crib quilts that I have made over the past few weeks have been assembled from blocks.  As a result I have been left with lots of short left over strips which I need to use up.  This seemed like a nice simple solution - scrappy strips framing a central panel of one of my favourite fabrics.

The back is also scrappy, because I was left with pieces of the plain blue, which I have stretched out with other odd bits.

The London tea time print is definitely one of my all time favourites.  It is so cheerful and comforting, and somehow strangely familiar.

I can't think why I am so attached to it.

Talking of tea, I need frequent tea breaks with this landscape project, which starts with a few free motion quilted lines (as shown on yesterday's post, where you can see a really quick video of the same piece of work at an earlier stage)...

... and continues with more lines being added to gradually build up the picture...

... with frequent changes of thread to give subtle shifts of colour.  That, in a nutshell, is the method.

blogbutton photo peacockfmq025_zpse5bceb10.jpg

Here goes for week 62..

Many thanks to everyone who linked up last week to show their free motion quilting projects.

The project in Week 61 that really caught my eye was this lovely quilt of falling leaves by Judy.  If you haven't seen her blog post yet, nip over now and see more photos and read about how she made it.

If you love free motion quilting, whether you are a beginner just taking the plunge, or you have reached the stage where you can do ostrich feathers with your eyes shut and still achieve perfect symmetry, then please link up.
Remember, FMQ is FMQ, whether your machine was made last week, or it is older than your granny.

Here are the very easy and slightly elastic rules:-

1.  Link up with any recent post, ideally from the last week but within the last month, which features a free motion quilting project, whether it is a work in progress or a finish.

2.  Link back to this post in your own post and/or grab the linky button for your blog's sidebar.
3.  Visit as many of the other participants as possible and say hello in the comments box.

4.  The link up will remain open for four days, from midnight to midnight GMT for the long weekend, Friday to Monday.

So far quilters from the USA, England, Wales, Australia, Canada, Germany, Holland, New Zealand, France and Macau have taken part.  The first participant from each new country will get a special mention the following week.

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and Sarah's blog Confessions of a Fabric Addict for Whoop Whoop Friday
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  1. Wow! Your little scene is fantastic. I bet you need lots of tea breaks working on that but it is worth it.

  2. Another winner! I love watching you stitch out your landscapes.

  3. The thread sketching is lovely. I look forward to seeing growth of the landscape!

  4. This landscape is going to be another beauty. Will be watching its progress closely.

    I collect random teacups and saucers, so I totally get the attachment to the tea time fabric. You have the coolest fabric stash!


  5. Hi Muv, your landscape is coming along nicely. When you're quilting with one thread colour, do you leave some space so that you can come back with another colour to make it blend, or do you keep changing threads and only quilt in the order of your lines?

    1. Hello Andree,

      Sometimes I leave a gap, enough for a couple of lines of stitching, so that I can come back and fill it in later. It depends on how the colours are building up. Also, because the background fabric is calico, if I do slightly wider spaces between the lines of stitching the overall effect is paler. There is no fixed plan when I start, I watch how it is coming together and adapt along the way.

  6. Yay! I love the teacup fabric, I'm glad you're using up every last scrap! And wow to the landscape in progress, that's incredibly detailed, a real labour of love!

  7. I love the London mugs fabric. I've never seen it. Do you remember what it is?

    1. Hello Linda,

      Here it is. It is a cotton poplin, so lighter than the usual quilting fabric, and an ideal weight for a baby's quilt.



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