Saturday 11 February 2017

Experimenting With Silk

This experiment could go either way.  It is either the beginning of a Great Sewing Adventure, or it could end up as a couple of luxury needle cases.

Yesterday I had a rummage and pulled out some old offcuts of silk.  For days I have been contemplating free motion quilting on silk.  Now that I have tried it I can tell you that it is a slippery business.  I had to ditch the gloves because I found I could get a better grip with my bare hands.

This small patch of dupion silk in a non-descript colour was the easiest to grip.  All those slubs gave my fingertips something to lock on to.  Perhaps rubber thimbles might help.

Also, with silk being so thin the work felt very flimsy.  I was using a scrap of calico as backing, so I know that next time I should use something a little more substantial. 

Has anyone got any tips for me, please?


  1. I certainly don't have any suggestions as I have not quilted on silk. I do think this looks really pretty. It will be fun to see what you make with it!

    1. Thanks Bernie, the encouragement is most welcome. I have had a suggestion emailed to me, and have an idea of my own, too. Perhaps another try later this week...

  2. I did a small piece in silk dupioni, but I didn't quilt it as densely as you're doing here. My fabric came from a salesman's sample book (for drapery, maybe?) and I think it was treated to make it quite stiff. What was hardest for me was how much it frayed while piecing it, but the quilting seemed straightforward. Perhaps heavy starch would help you?

    Here's a link to the piece, so you can see it: It's near the bottom, under "Selfish Sewing"

    1. Thanks for the link, Louise - yes I have had a look. Interesting!



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