Sunday 2 September 2012

A Pretty Picture for Sunday - Wadowice

This picture was taken on 21st August, and already it seems like a world away.

Wadowice is the birthplace of Karol Wojtyla, Pope John Paul II.  This beautiful baroque church on the main square is dedicated to the Virgin Mary and is where the late Pope was baptised.

Local knowledge is so valuable when on holiday.  When we arrived in Wadowice, cousin Bogusia headed straight for the cake shop, famous for selling the Pope's favourite cream cakes.  The cake revived us after the drive, giving us plenty of energy to visit the church and the museum.

We will return one day.  By then the road works in the main square should be long forgotten, so I should be able to take decent pictures of the church without having to point the camera to the sky to avoid the clutter.


  1. appropriate you should point to the sky though !....lovely doll quilts in last two posts I love swapping art it's such fun ....x

  2. and such a blue sky at that!
    It was really nice hearing from Bonni again. She tells me her great nieces had to nag for four months before she parted with the quilt for their dolls. Completely hilarious.



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