Wednesday 19 September 2012

A Shuttle for a Late Transverse Shuttle Machine

This shuttle belongs to a 1930s Frister and Rossmann Transverse Shuttle machine.  Viewed from this side it looks just like the shuttle for a vibrating shuttle machine.

However, the other side is flat, so it can fit in the narrow shuttle carriage.

This type of shuttle is a hybrid shuttle.  It  fits into the same sized space as the open sided boat shuttle which was used on older TS machines, but the flat side is closed.  Loading the bobbin and threading the shuttle is done in exactly the same way as with the bullet shaped shuttles for Vibrating Shuttle machines. 


  1. Dear Lizzie,

    I wonder if you could help me. I have purchased a Gritzner-Extra, hand cranked sewing machine, with I think a vibrating shuttle, serial number 212064.

    I have googled till my head is splitting and I am having trouble how to thread this machine. I have oiled and cleaned it, I would also like to know how the tension shuttle gets put together. When I sew it the bottom tension seams fine but the top does not stitch at all. The machine seems to turn very smoothly, you do not hear any sound when turning the wheel with out shuttle in, when you try to sew with material you get a tick tick sound, for a few turns,then a sort of thunk sound.

    THe machine sews ok for a bit, then the material puckers together, the tension get very stiff (the cotton that is). I am very bad at explaining.

    I have watched your video dutorials and they are fantastic, but can find no vintage Gritzner sewing discussion groups or any information on this serial number. I live in the Netherlands and bought this machine at a second hand shop.

    Would appreciate any advice.

    Thanking you,

    Kind regards,

    Grace Lee.

    1. Hello Grace,

      How frustrating!

      It is tricky trying to work out what is going wrong with your machine without being able to sit down in front of it. Why don't you post some pictures on your blog so I can see what you are talking about?

      I love your knitted tea cosy.




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