Thursday, 20 September 2012

A Shuttle from an Older Transverse Shuttle Machine

This is a boat shuttle from a much older machine.  On this side is the tension spring.

On the other side there is a thin bar that protrudes slightly at the end of the shuttle.  

The flat side is open, so the shuttle looks like a little boat.

This shuttle belongs to a Stoewer Transverse Shuttle machine which I have yet to clean up.  When I have done that, if I can work out how to explain how to thread this shuttle, I will post more pictures.


  1. Bobbin should be loaded between two hollow points inside - one end is sprung to enable this. Load it so the thread comes from under the bobbin and toward the thin bar. take t round the bar (there should be a slit by the protruding end). Then hold it firmly across the open bottom, slide it forward so it catches and goes down the slit in the forst tension plate. Bring it forward to the slit in the body of the shuttle between th two tension plates, catch it there and it will go down into the path there. Finally hold it along the side and at the back of the shuttle you should be able to slide it round so that it comes out between the body of the shuttle and the outer tension spring. It should then pull though reasonably easily,from the curved side. This makes it sound hard, but it is quote easy in fact - just hard to write instructions!

  2. Hello Anonymous,

    Thank you for demonstrating how tricky it is to explain! If I hadn't already threaded up this shuttle when I got it I would find the description of the method fairly difficult to grasp.

    Fortunately, when I tried out threading this shuttle I found that it is in good condition - no nasty hidden rust or obstructions lurking under the tension spring. However, I decided to leave explaining how to thread it for another day, when I was happy that I had taken a good enough set of photos to explain it step by step.
    Perhaps I should make an effort and sort out the photos sooner rather than later!


    1. Did you ever take the photos? In fact did you ever get your Stoewer cleaned up? I think I have just worked out how to thread the shuttle for my Stoewer, badged as a Harris family No 2. I may well post photos on my blog at some point.

    2. You have caught me out. It is still here on the floor gathering dust. Let me know when you post pictures on your blog.
      Love, Muv



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