Friday, 16 November 2012

Making Dresses for Charity at the Sewing Café

This morning Maria hung up a selection of the dresses that were made at Cordial and Grace yesterday.  Here is the jolly little pink and green number I made on the Jones CS.

Next to it is a lovely dress with hand printed butterflies.

Some were decorated with appliqué flowers or butterflies.

It was a fantastic event for such a worthwhile cause.  Louise of Sew Scrumptious was there, looking delighted at all the dresses being produced.  She is the co-ordinator in this country for Dress a Girl Around the World.  It's great to know that somewhere in the world little girls will be thrilled when they receive these dresses.


  1. Thanks for blogging about the dress making day. Your dress was absolutely gorgeous as was the machine you used to make it! Lovely to meet you and your little helper. x

  2. Wouldn't that be fun! I'd love to have a little quilt shop where I could sit and quilt! I have a booth in a craft/ gift shop. I wonder if they'd let me sit and quilt on the days when it's my turn to work.

    1. It's a great café, Martha. Last time I went there I borrowed a needle and thread and sewed on a button on my jacket.



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