Sunday 28 April 2013

A Pretty Picture for Sunday - Lesser Black-Backed Gull

He was strutting along the pavement in Bath as if he owned the place.  Well, he does.  He's Lord of the Bins.

Note for Sue Deere - corner of South Parade and Duke Street.  Legs in the background are the crowd coming out of last week's match against Leicester. 


  1. I always like your Sunday photos - and this one is local too! I have spent the last week by the sea (in Dorset); gulls make for such a raucous dawn chorus (and I still hold a grudge against the one that stuck his head in to my lemon-striped ice cream when I had only had one lick! Needless to say, I didn't much want to finish it after that).

  2. Hello Sue,

    Hope you enjoyed your trip to Dorset despite losing your ice cream.
    Seagulls can be really scary, they are just handsome thugs.




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