Thursday 26 December 2013

Boxing Day Quiz

The Boxing Day soup will be ready this evening.  It smells delicious already.  Sewing is fading into the background for the moment.  Cooking is the order of the day.  Is it possible to combine the two and expend as little energy as possible?  Yes, with the Boxing Day Quiz!

Take a long hard stare at the photo above, showing various shades of yellow, with a couple of shades of not really yellow at all thrown in for good measure.  Bear in mind that the camera can't cope very well with the poor midwinter daylight, and I have done my best adjusting the colour with the pictures editor to try and get the shades as close to real life as possible.

Now it is time to dash to the kitchen and get yourself a plate of cheese and crackers, settle down again and look at the picture, and tell me...

Which of these fabrics is the colour of Cheddar?

No prizes, I'm afraid, but a good excuse for a sneaky quick snack.

The answer will be posted next week.  In the meantime I will be very busy relaxing.


  1. by my monitor it looks like number 3, happy sewing

  2. In Australia it woukd be 4, but in USA guess it would be 5.

  3. Hmmm....trick question because my Irish cheddar is close to #2, my Tillamook is between #3 and #5 and my sharp cheddar is another color all together! lol

  4. 2 is the colour of the cheddar in our fridge,it is the mild cheddar I buy for the grand children. My favourite cheese used to be Wensleydale, now I can have ewes cheese as it doesn't disagree with me.



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