Monday 13 April 2015

1949 Lutterloh Blouse - Halfway There...

This is the pattern for the blouse that I am making for Spring for Cotton.  It is printed in the back of the Lutterloh book on a minute scale.  These are the outlines for the back, front and sleeves.  The images for the back and front are only one and five eighths of an inch from top to bottom.  I thought that so long as I didn't read a 1 as a 7 everything would work out perfectly.  It didn't.  The measurement of 33.5 cm at the bottom left of the picture threw the whole pattern piece out of shape, so I ended up redrafting the front.  It is a bit late to dash off a cross letter to Lutterloh about it.

The pattern has an enormous dart down to the bust from the shoulder.  Regrettably, I haven't got the figure for it, so I have done tucks instead.  Also, the pattern as drafted came out too narrow in the back, so I had to add to the width of both the back and the front.  No need for drastic measures this time.

Today I have done a bit of sewing and have finished the binding inside the armhole seams.

The process I followed was much the same as for Meg's dress, with tucks at the top of the sleeves.

The blouse is now beginning to take shape.  The collar needs to go on next, then I can do the buttons and buttonholes, hem the sleeves and hem round the bottom.  I'm not sure yet whether I will put in waist darts, I shall have to see how it fits once it fastens up.  I know for sure that I shan't be bothering with a pocket...

... after all the serious effort I put in with the pattern matching.  Manically meticulous, but worth it.


  1. this brings back memories of a bygone era. I used to make most of my own clothes until it cost more to buy a pattern then to just buy a ready made blouse. That and putting on a pot belly that was hard to fit over.

  2. I can't believe I have come across a Lutterloh pattern user in a fellow FMQ enthusiast! My Lutterloh book is from 1957 and I have some leaflets from the 50ties and early 60ties and one from the 70ties too. I have made a couple of blouses and skirts using the system and have bits of paper sticking out of the book and leaflets for future projects.

  3. The sleeves are very well done, Muv. Very neat. The same for the pleats on the shoulder. You show great craftsmanship. I love the fabric you chose... so romantic!



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