Vintage Book Reviews

News Chronicle Needlework and Crafts
by Irene Davison, Agnes M. Miall and R. K. and M. I. R. Polkinghorne

Encyclopedia of Needlework by Therese de Dillmont


Complete Home Knitting Illustrated by Margaret Murray and Jane Koster


  1. I remember with huge affection the Paton and Baldwins knitting book that belonged to my mum, I think that was the one with the knitted swimming trunks and the dad smoking a pipe! I enjoyed the post about the tea cosy sizes, I had the same trouble! Just visiting from CMQ ,
    Happy Christmas from Lincolnshire and congrats on your show ribbon,

    1. Thank you Sue, and a Happy slightly early Christmas to you from Somerset!

      The knitted trunks and bathing costumes are such a laugh, aren't they? If you ever find a book with pictures taken after a quick dip in the sea, I would love to see it.

      Love, Muv



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