Thursday 4 May 2023

Quilting Again!

Finally, after many months, I have actually done some quilting.  It is two years (time flies, I thought it was only one) since I made a couple of cradle quilt sandwiches.  Yesterday I pulled out this one, which was on top, and couldn't believe the timing.  What could be better than a little Union Jack quilt to work on a few days before the Coronation?  Now the quilting is finished, and I have found just the right fabric in the stash to use for the binding.  It is not often that I use so many blues because I always think the effect can be cold, but this quilt has made me decide I should make an effort to use them more often - throwing in the muted turquoise and pale duck egg shades has made all the difference.


Friday 14 April 2023

Six Months Later...

A six month sabbatical wasn't planned, but it happened.  Sometimes you just need a break, and once the break starts it dawns on you that it needs to be a long one.  Anyway, here is the first blog post for a while, and it's about knitting.  I have a stash of wool that needs to be used up, and have found the solution for what to make with small amounts left over from old projects - baby boots!

These boots, the prototype pair, are now being put through their paces by their new little owner.  I tried out a pattern from a book, and found that they were far too tight around the leg, so I split the fold-over at the top and added an ankle strap. 


The casting on ends up as a seam down the middle of the sole.  I love the oval shape of the feet.

To give an idea of the dinkiness of the boots, the buttons were from an old shirt of my husband's.  I'm slightly miffed that I got the writing upside down, but at least it's the right way up for the baby to read, just in case he's a genius.

I have got a quilting project in the offing, but in the meantime be prepared for more boots - they are addictive!  A great little technical challenge that can be completed in a couple of evenings is my ideal project for the moment.


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