Wednesday 1 May 2013

Dropping the Feed Dogs on the Singer 201K

Last night I tipped back the 201K treadle to drop the feed dogs.  This is the only machine I have on which I can do this.

This screw is at the front underneath the machine.  It took me a good five minutes to turn it because of the sticky oil deposit gumming it up.  This is the only part of this machine that had this problem, so I can only assume that the previous owner or owners were not keen feed dog droppers. This screw is now wrapped up in a fat scarf of cotton wool soaked in paraffin to get the sticky muck off.

The lever in the foreground has been moved down so that the screw now goes into the upper hole. When I want to raise the feed dogs again all I need to do is loosen the screw, push the lever up and tighten it up again with the screw going into the lower hole.

I am going to see if I can get better results from the buttonholer with the feed dogs dropped - I hope I can.

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  1. Hiya, My buttonholer should have had a plate to cover the "dogs" so it could work on any machine. But the beauty of the 201 it's just a flick of a screw. Should find the buttonholer will be much improved. love Duncan.

    1. Hello Duncan,

      Yes, it's just a flick now that the fluffy paraffin scarf has done its job.

      I've got a cover with my Greist buttonholer, but the hole to pass the screw through is too narrow. Complete waste of time. What were they thinking of.


  2. my 201 does the most brilliant free machine embroidery with the feed dogs dropped and a darning foot with a large hole .......lovely job...x

    1. Hello Artymess,

      Don't lead me astray else I'll start neglecting the gardening in good weather and turn into a pale shrivelled cave-dweller.

      xx Muv



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