Wednesday, 14 November 2012

The Ideal Foot for Free Motion Quilting

For ages I was looking forward to trying out free motion quilting on the Singer 15K treadle, but first I had to clean up the machine.  Then I had to find a suitable foot.  I was lucky enough to find this hopping foot in a second hand shop in an attachments tin, along with one or two unremarkable oddments.

A few weeks later, I eventually took the plunge...

It is interesting that on close up photos you see things that you wouldn't necessarily have noticed otherwise.  Was it me who caused that nick on the right hand side by bashing the needle down onto the foot (all part of the learning process) or was it the previous owner?


  1. I can't imagine how this works ???

  2. Hello Mo,

    I hope to be doing some free motion quilting in about a week's time, so I will be putting up information on FMQ on a treadle fairly soon.




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