Monday 30 December 2013

A Quick Cheesy Snack - Spot the Cheddar!

Just a little selection of English cheeses lined up on a plate... (I scoffed them while cooking Sunday dinner and ever so slightly spoilt my appetite)

cut from these packets that I raided from the local supermarket before Christmas...

and now laid out on the fabrics with the result of the Boxing Day Quiz.

Number 1 is the colour of smoked salmon, so quite plainly a red herring.

Number 2 is a creamy buttermilk colour.  I could just have easily grabbed a block of Lancashire or Cheshire, but I fancied some Wensleydale, which is perhaps a tiny touch pale for the fabric, but I was thinking primarily of my stomach at the time.

Number 3 - I have lost count of the number of times I have seen this colour on American blogs or websites referred to as cheddar, and I have been sitting here yelling, " No, it's Red Leicester!"

Number 4 - yes, here it is, the real thing.  Living in Somerset, with Cheddar less than fifteen miles away, we are very particular about our Cheddar.  We always buy Farmhouse Cheddar, and my husband likes it extra mature, so it has little chalky calcium bits in it.  I prefer it a bit younger myself.

Number 5 - the same routine as number 3, but in this case I will be yelling "Double Gloucester!"

Number 6 in real life is a nice biscuity colour like home made cheese crackers, but my camera couldn't cope with the poor light so it has turned out the colour of dirty pastry that has been rolled out on the floor by a six year old.

Well done Gavin, breezing in first with the right answer! Note the confidence in his answer - no doubt or hesitation.  He knows that we would have no problem finding our way round each other's fridges.

Motherdragon's Australian cheddar hit the mark, and Beth Strand realised there was something up my sleeve.  Alcea Rosea just missed it, but getting subtle shades of yellow right on computer screens is a hit and miss affair... her cheese and number 2 on her screen may well have been a perfect match.

So if you are feeling a bit peckish by now, feast your eyes on more lovely cheese here, or just make a dash for the fridge.


  1. Lovely all the different cheese colours! I tought nr. 3, sorry, but I now more from the Dutch cheese, we love the Beemsterkaas!
    Have a nice and warm 31 december and a inspirational and healthy 2014!

  2. Well, I'm not surprised I picked the wrong yellow, because I've seen pictures of what our Gouda cheese looks like in the States.
    Loved the guessing game though, it was fun!

    Have a great 2014!



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