Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Making Wrinkles Disappear

I wonder how many Google searches for anti-wrinkle cream will end up here.

Here is the section of border that was giving me problems yesterday.  I had done the free motion quilting all the way round the border and got to the last few inches and found there was too much fullness in the top layer.  Unpicking the quilting was out of the question.  It would have made an even bigger mess.  Instead I filled the unquilted section of the top with parallel lines of running stitch to ease in the fullness.  It looks like an atrocious darn or frightful smocking.

Next, I filled in the last section of free motion quilting. 

After pulling out the running stitches, the top still looked rather creased...

... so I splashed on a bit of water...

... gave it a quick blast with a hair drier, and it didn't look too bad at all.

This little duck looks a little bit creased, but compared to the eighth of an inch pleat that I started out with, this is nothing.

So in the end, not too bad a job after all.  Next time I think I should start in the middle of each side and work towards the corners, but will that be asking for trouble at each corner? Suggestions please!

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  1. I think you came up with a very clever solution!

    1. Thanks Lorna! Yes, I'm pretty pleased at how it turned out.

  2. Anti-wrinkle cream---ack!!! lol I think you solved the crease problem though fairly well. I know it can be frustrating at times when that happens:(

  3. I agree. Sometimes you just have to quilt around it and "sneak up" on the incipient pleat. A few years ago I started sewing just along the edge as I started the border. Haven't had any pleating problems since. I posted a photo on my blog last week if you want a better idea.

  4. Looks great. I think if worked perfectly. Cute fabric too.

  5. (laughing at the cream search thought) :D That fullness issue turned out great - nice fix, you wouldn't even notice it at all



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