Tuesday, 18 March 2014

... And the Bride Wore Hartnell

Another glimpse inside a 1960 British Nylon Spinners magazine, the publication that included the article about parachute silk

Such beautiful classic lines on the bride's dress, greatly enhanced by her swan-like neck - but what would you expect from a designer like Norman Hartnell?  A shame really that the bridesmaids' dresses are nowhere near as elegant.

Here is the bride again with the bridesmaids, flower girl and page.  The page is the lucky one, he is the only one not decked out in 100% nylon.  Who needs hairspray when you can generate your own static?

These pictures to me sum up the 60s.  Elegance is not yet dead, but it is slowly being swallowed up by trashiness.  I can't understand why so many people think 1960s fashions were glamorous and exciting, and refer to it as vintage fashion.  I am very much the same generation as the little flower girl on this picture.  I can remember all this stuff, and I didn't like it at the time. 

For me, the only redeeming feature in these photos is the fact that the wedding dress was by Norman Hartnell, who had already been going for years...

... as seen in this truly fabulous video.   Classic vintage fashion.  Just shut your eyes to the Bo Peep disaster.

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  1. I am about that same vintage, too. This time of year my mother would have been buying Easter outfits for myself and younger sister. She liked to dress us alike even though we were several years apart in age. I hated it when she found a dress I really liked and then spoiled it for me by dressing my little sister in the same dress. I remember the dresses as being some sort of scratchy synthetic fiber. Horribly uncomfortable.

  2. I'm in that same vintage, and remember how uncomfortable clothes were. No stretch, all the scratchy crenolines, tight little white gloves, tight cotton socks. I do like the line of the silhouette from that time period. I think people liking it now are seeing the silhouette, and how different a woman can look covered up, but still sexy. More so, sexy not trashy. I must say the capri pant and flats from that time were nice. When I see old pics of my older sisters in the sixties, they look so old.
    LeeAnna Paylor



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