Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Labels or a Cloth Book?

These are the labels in my son's shorts.  I have spared you the horror and him the embarrassment of showing you the labels in his pants, which are just the same.

Five pages, 27 languages, with English twice, saying different things for this country and for the US.

Just one of the reasons mass produced clothes get ever so slightly on my nerves.


  1. I agree entirely!! And the print is minute....

  2. it's ridiculous isn't it?! I'm sure one of mine has seven pages!! I love your term 'cloth book'.

  3. Oh my, that is seriously ridiculous. On a pair of my son's pajamas the tags were literally 4.5 inches long. Yes, i took the time to measure them before I cut them out. He's 4 - the tag in the shorts were almost the length of the leg!



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