Sunday, 14 September 2014

A Pretty Picture for Sunday - Sunflowers in Poland

This building is in Zywiec, a town probably better known for its beer than its Art Nouveau windows.

Here is an enlarged view of the sunflowers.

And here, in another small town, are sunflowers growing out of the masonry of a church, way up high near the roof.  Birds are very daring and inventive gardeners.


  1. I love these pictures. The picture of the flowers growing on the side of the building is lovely. Thank-you for sharing your photos, I have been enjoying them these last few Sundays.

  2. My husband (typically) said, "Oh, those sunflowers will tear that brick out in no time." But then he said, "Wow, great composition." You really are an excellent photographer.

    1. Men, eh? It was my bro-in-law, retired builder, who first noticed the sunflowers on the church. He instinctively looks up to check for wear and tear.

  3. Oh, and those windows!! I've never seen anything like them. Just incredible.



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