Sunday, 29 March 2015

A Picture for Sunday - The Storm

I took this picture in a parish church in Herefordshire over a year ago, and only today have I worked out which gospel passage it illustrates - the calming of the storm, as recounted in the gospel of St. Matthew.  The view of the town in the background, and the fact that I thought Jesus was standing on the shore, really threw me.  We have had strong winds today, which must have helped the answer dawn on me. 


  1. Thank-you very much for posting such a beautiful and inspirational picture. Not only was your story interesting. But the details on this stain glass are absolutely phenomenal. And it's made even more meaningful, because it will soon be Good Friday and of course Easter Sunday.

    1. Thank you! This window is really exceptional, and I shall have to contact the church to find out more about it. It is a small panel mounted in a much larger leaded window with clear glass, which suggests that it is older than the window it is set into. Also, being so small, the detail, especially in the background, is truly tiny.



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