Saturday 11 April 2015

A Problem Attaching the Seam Guide

It was only yesterday that I cleaned the holes in the bed of my 1927 Singer 99K and attached the seam guide for the first time.  I had forgotten that I had never been able to get the screw in because the hole was gummed up.

Having had good results with paraffin when cleaning up a Naumann machine with a stuck foot, I decided to try the same method to clean out the holes.  I twisted the ends of a very narrow strip of cotton material and poked them up through the bed of the machine from below.

Underneath, in the base of the machine, I put a little ramekin with a tiny amount of paraffin in it. Once the machine was lowered back into the base, the cotton strip was left lying in the paraffin.  It acted as a wick, soaking up the paraffin and breaking down the residue that was gumming up the screw thread.  I left the cotton strip in place for a few hours.

Then, after removing the strip, I dipped an interdental toothbrush in paraffin and thoroughly cleaned the inside of the hole.  It only took a few minutes, and then I was able to get the screw in.

Success!  Now I can use this machine with the seam guide.

And I even remembered to take the ramekin out of the base.


  1. I like your idea for cleaning those holes - and the felt you put on the bed of the machine - must remember to do that. Was just oiling my 99k today to take to a sewing meeting next week and show off my zigzagger and buttonholer. Haven't used those for a while so they will need oiling too!

  2. Please tell me about the felt you put under the seam guide. I never heard this before. I love the idea of how you cleaned the screw holes. I learn something new every day. Thanks for sharing your tips.

    1. Hello Edie,

      Here is the answer for you:-

      This machine is in beautiful condition, so the felt is to protect it from damage.

  3. I hadn't thought of putting felt between the seam guide and the machine, for those 'too long' screws. Thanks.



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