Saturday, 16 May 2015

Using the Willcox and Gibbs Automatic

A rubbish picture of a momentous occasion - a little while ago I used the Willcox and Gibbs Automatic for the first time, to do a line of decorative stitching on a pair of pillow cases.  

I still have some bits and pieces of material from the stash left by my brother's mother in law.  So far the stash has yielded one big quilt, several little baby quilts and a tea cosy.  It has been fairly easy deciding what to do with the cottons, but I had no idea what to do with this green duckies polyester until I realised that there was enough for two pillow cases.  

The machine uses a single thread to make a chain stitch, with the chain appearing on the underneath of the work.  I used a variegated green quilting cotton, and it gave a really nice finish on the right side.  Shame I didn't take a picture of the stitching.  The machine made was made in 1888 and stitches perfectly.  I should use it more often


  1. would love to see more of the machine. Thanks

  2. Lovely. I've been wanting one for a long time--thinking I could do redwork type embroidery with it. (They are rare as hen's teeth out here where I live.)

  3. I'd love a Wilcox & Gibbs. Have fun with yours.



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