Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Sewing Lessons

Now here's a sight to gladden the heart!  

This is Miss H having her first go on the 1918 Singer 99K that I passed on to my friend Elizabeth before Christmas.  Her lesson included some serious sewing...

...winding a bobbin...

... concentrating on keeping a straight line of stitching and not coming off the edge...

... and finally a bit of fun, with the emphasis on speed rather than direction.  Will she be a free motion quilter or a cartographer?  Looks like the coast of Cyprus to me.

I am told that Miss H means business and her first project is going to be a bag.

Many thanks to Elizabeth for the wonderful photos!

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  1. Start 'em young! What a wonderful day!

  2. That machine has found a good home, with that young lady stitching on her.

  3. Lo, surely the North Island, New Zealand?.... X

    1. I've changed my mind. It's Haiti.
      Big Hug to Miss H. xx

  4. Yay Miss H! What a cutie! I hate to quibble, but I see Cape Cod!!

  5. How wonderful to see her sewing on the vintage sewing machine!!

  6. Looks she is serious with her lessons. I hope she will enjoy sewing in her life!!!!
    By the way, I think it is a part of the Netherlands.



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