Friday, 18 March 2016

1937 Singer 15K

Recently acquired by my friend, this splendid 1937 Singer 15K treadle is now ready for some action.  My friend has only just moved into a new house, and decided that she could definitely find the space for a treadle.  This machine is in a cabinet, and when not in use takes up very little space.

We spent a very happy time on Wednesday chatting away while I gave the machine a once over.  It is now de-fluffed, polished and oiled and ready to go. 
My friend has plans...


  1. RAF decals??? Someone repainted my Gritzner with part of the RAF decals. Took me a long time to identify the machine since it had been refurbished (badge is missing). Nice machine. Your friend should be pleased with it.

    1. Yes, Cheryl, RAF decals, and she's thrilled with it.

    2. Lynne from UK here!! What a beauty. I just bought a little hand cranked Singer manufactured in the 1890's I need to see if I can get her working. I've named her Billie which was the nick name my mum's dad gave her when she was a child. Mum was the best seamstress and made many outfits on her singer (an electric machine) and I learnt to sew on a singer. Billie joins Pearlsa a Singer Legacy sewing and embroidery machine (computerized) and Nomy my Janome mechanical machine.



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