Friday, 1 April 2016

A Splash of Colour

On Wednesday last week I had the great pleasure of being a steward at the most recent exhibition at Midsomer Quilting. On display was a collection of work by two quilters, Gillian Travis and Sheena Norquay, who both have 40 years' experience of quilting.

The first time I had seen Gillian's work was at the West Country Quilt Show in Bristol in November 2014, and I was struck by the vibrant colour, so last week I was delighted to be able to take a few photos of some of her quilts.

Many of the pieces were based on Indian textiles.

This quilt is padded horizontally to resemble a pile of folded quilts.

Gillian has a great love of travel and photography, and produces beautiful picture quilts.  This is a detail of a quilt showing a street scene bedecked with washing.

This picture of bathing ladies is definitely one of my favourites.  There are five ladies altogether on the quilt, but I just photographed these three.  This scene is so realistic that I could almost feel the chill of the water around my middle - bathing can be such a chilly business!


  1. Amazing work. Thanks for sharing!!

  2. The bathing suit ladies are amazing! Sorry to say I have that exact green suit.

    1. Have you got the orange hat to go with it?

  3. Love the colours in those quilts and the attention to detail is wonderful. Thank you for sharing.

  4. I must admit I follow your blog more for your beautiful dressmaking and vintage machines rather than for the quilting - although I do like that too and did a cot quilt for our granddaughter born last Christmas Eve. But I do admire these Gillian Tavis quilts you have shown - I love a bit of colour and in particular I am inspired by her street scene above. I am going to be taking part in "Stitching Wantage", a project to stitch the town, and never having done anything like that before I shall definitely have this street scene in mind! So thank you for this post!

    1. Hello Lizzie,
      Glad you enjoy the blog!
      Stitch Wantage sounds like great fun, but I expect the colour scheme will be a bit more muted. Shame you can't put lines of washing hanging across the front of the houses. What would the neighbours think?
      Love, Muv



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