Friday, 8 December 2017

Winter Cardigan

Bring on the winter knitting challenge!

I have enjoyed myself (so far) with this project.  Not only is it the first item I have knitted for myself for over two decades, it has also amply demonstrated the rule that it is impossible to bust a stash without buying more.  Mixing yarns is just as much fun as playing around with fabrics.

The random yarn brought out the control freak in me.  I wasn't convinced by the way four black stripes ended up bunched together in the ribbing at the front.  The black is perhaps a little too black, looking smudgy like coal dust when you have had a careless moment making a fire.  But I can live with it.  Once the button band is on these stripes should blend in better.

The plan when I started was to make set in sleeves and shoulder seams.  Then I changed my mind and decided to do raglan shaping and knit the whole lot on a circular needle.  I am really pleased with the way the stripes change direction with the shoulder shaping.

Perhaps it will be finished by Christmas, but if not I should have it in plenty of time for February, which is often when winter finally decides to hit us.


  1. Loving this! When your page opened, my first thought was that it looks like a yarn-stash challenge is just as fun as a quilting-stash challenge. Love the bend of the stripes in the Raglans, and the stitch you've used has a nice texture. That add-in yarn doesn't look bad at all from here. (And yeah, our "real" winter starts mid-to-late January and is COLD and gets snowier and snowier until April. December can be quite mild, like it is this year.)

    1. Hello Lynette,

      It's a solo challenge. I built up a stash of wool before the children were born. Now my oldest is 28 the time has come to do something about it.

      Winter here is months of damp dreariness, and we can go years without snow. Somehow I think we might get some this year...



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