Friday 13 April 2018

A Fabric Shopping Spree

Over the past few weeks we have been planning a total revamp of our front room.  While my husband has been thinking of new shelves in the recesses and an overmantel, my department has been the colour scheme and fabrics.

It has taken a while, including a couple of ridiculously late nights trawling through curtain fabric on the internet, but decisions have been made.  Here is a sample of the curtain fabric, together with a swatch of the lovely restful green which we have chosen for re-upholstering the settee and chairs.  To give a sense of the scale of the flowers, the swatch measures 6 x 4 inches.

Armed with the two samples, I went on a shopping spree this week for fabrics with which to make cushions.  I only visited two shops, the first for fabrics on the roll and the second for remnants, and came home with quite a haul.

These big bold poppies will make a statement, and I managed to find a plain green in just the right shade for the back of the cushions.

For contrast and restraint, I found this tartan, which has green running through it, and which teams up with the Morris Snakeshead print.  I found two long strips of the print in the remnant box of a shop that makes curtains to measure.

Finally, half a metre of a red sprig design, which might well end up in tea cosies rather than cushions, and the find of the day.  Right at the bottom of the remnant basket I found a metre of Morris Bluebell fabric.  It was love at first sight.  The colours have a timeless quality, and the symmetry of the design is fascinating.

The flowers are intriguing.  Here are the so-called bluebells, but I would happily take anyone on for a punch up.  If they aren't lily-of-the-valley I'm a Dutchman.

This has to be a fanciful passion flower...

...whereas these columbines are incredibly accurate.  They self-seed freely in our garden and come in shades of purple and pink.  They are one of my all-time favourite flowers, so I was delighted when I spotted them.

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  1. I agree wholeheartedly - they be lily-of-the-valley! Love that fabric though - the aquilegias are also a happy favourite spring and early summer flower - I love the "dove" shapes of the petals. Good shopping spree there. :D



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