Friday 5 October 2018

Knitting a New Stitch

This is my first foray into brioche rib.  It is a reversible, two colour stitch, which is thick enough for a tea cosy and ideal for woolly jumpers for winter.  I used to stare at the single colour version of this stitch when I was a kid and rack my brains trying to work out how it was done.  I never did fathom it out.  Then when I saw the two colour version a few months ago I knew I had to find out how to do it.  Hooray for Youtube.  After watching a few videos and finding that there are different ways of doing it, I settled on the method that I liked best.

Rather than making a high contrast between front and back, I opted for blues.  This is the front...

… and this is the back.

I am making a little baby cardigan, using the soft snuggly random blue for the inside and the plain blue for the outside.  

I am killing several birds with one stone - using up the wool I have stashed, adding to the reserve supply of presents ready to give to new babies, and working out various problems that might arise on a small project rather than getting myself into a twist on an adult sized project.  Just looking at the picture of the tea cosy this morning I have realised that I have to work out a better method for the beginning and end of each row than the one I have been using.  The joys of knitting! 

1 comment:

  1. I love your colours, Muv! Looking forward to seeing the finished cardigan.
    In my childhood I had a hat and scarf knitted in this stitch by my grandmother, in white and kind of Burgundy red, and I liked it a lot, so I learned to knit it when I grew up - it's great for scarfs as it's double-sided, and for baby wear, because it's very elastic and a sweater can "grow" with the child :))



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