Sunday 6 January 2019

The Christmas Project

You might say this looks a little uninspiring as projects go, but a jumper for my husband has to be on the conservative side.  He is not one for bold colours.

So far I have knitted almost up to the shoulder shaping on all four pieces.  The front and back are both on a circular needle (instead of stitch holders) and I am knitting the two sleeves at the same time so I keep them the same length.

This is the first jumper I have made for him since about 1986.  It wasn't easy to get started.  Making something for myself is easy, because I can pick up a few balls of wool at reduced prices and play mix and match with colours and textures and invent something.  A jumper for my husband calls for a large amount of good quality wool in a sober colour, which promised to cost a lot more than what I can get away with for something for myself.

Then I saw the ideal wool at a reduced price because it was being discontinued; the ball on the left is a wool and acrylic mixture with a fleck.  I bought the last five balls, just about enough for half a jumper.  I needed another yarn, and opted for the acrylic on the right, mainly dark blue, but with dark red fibres spun into it.

The two yarns blend together really well.  I have been doing two rows at a time in each, and the narrow stripes are just about visible in certain lights.

Close up, however, and the tweedy effect of the fleck is more visible.

Now that the jumper is beginning to take shape my husband is beginning to look forward to it.  The stitch is fisherman's rib, so it should keep him warm in cold weather.  So far this winter we have had very few frosts, so I might have it finished in time for the worst of the weather, which often doesn't arrive until February.

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