Saturday, 16 February 2019

Goodbye Bamboo Needles

Finally, I've finished using the bamboo needles.  Yes, I well and truly hate them.  

This week I made a concerted effort to knit up to the armhole shaping on all five pieces of this little baby cardigan, then I transferred all the stitches onto a circular needle to start the raglan shaping.  Usually I'm not that keen on circular needles - they feel too short, and they make my tension a bit looser.  However, in contrast with the bamboo needles, they are a total pleasure to use.

Now that I am reaching the neckline and the rows are getting shorter I am much happier with this project.  Alternating the two random yarns has worked well, giving a brighter band of colour on each piece.  The final challenge will be finding the right buttons to complete the look.

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