Sunday, 20 October 2019

A Picture for Sunday - October Sunset

Nice of my husband to look at this photo and say "It could be anywhere in the world".  I can guarantee that it is not Africa, although the shape of the tree might be a bit deceptive.  It is an oak with its lower boughs lopped off to make way for tractors to skirt around it when ploughing and harvesting.


  1. I love sunsets. Funnily enough I took a sunrise photo on Friday morning which looked quite similar - to the west there was a huge black cloud with a partial rainbow. Saturday was virtually the same but with a stronger rainbow. Fascinating things, clouds! Hope you are feeling better today. xx

    1. Ten days later...
      Hello Kerry, We have had some amazing skies, haven't we? Either completely clouded over all day, or absolutely amazing. Rainbows are always a treat, too.
      Love, Muv



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