Sunday 28 June 2020

A Picture for Sunday - Three Birds

This is a sight I love to see, just three birds in the sky, and which I have used as a personal trademark in two freemotion landscapes, one of a field of rapeseed, and the other of a lane in May.  Today I was really pleased that I managed to photograph three pigeons in flight against a blue sky.  The hillside in the distance is the same one seen in the stitched landscape of the lane.  With the beautiful sky, fast moving clouds, and a brisk breeze blowing waves in the long grass, it was truly enchanting.


  1. Beautiful. Almost like a Turner painting crossed with Lautrec clouds and a smidgeon of Constable. At least you managed to catch the birds before the wind blew them into the next county! LOL.

    1. Thanks Kerry! I was thinking more along the lines of three flying ducks above the fireplace.

  2. Oh my goodness - now that made me guffaw at the thought!



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