Sunday, 16 August 2020

A Picture for Sunday - The View From The Top

Beautiful Wales!  

Nothing like a good aerial view without having to pay the air fare.  This was the reward for climbing The Skirrid, a mountain in South Wales that has an easy path to the top.  This was the sunlit aspect.  Meanwhile dark clouds were approaching from the opposite side of the mountain, and half an hour later we were drenched.  All very predictable, and a bracing day out.


  1. Muv, I just LOVE your landscapes!!! This way I can visit your country with no long, expensive flight. Keep up the GREAT pictures! I love your blog, even though I don't have a blog to link up to, I do enjoy yours. :D

    1. Glad you enjoy the pictures, Kara! There's nothing like a bit of armchair travel, is there? I'm sure you must have beautiful landscapes all around you in Oregon.

  2. beautiful picture! Very pastoral and calm.



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