Friday, 1 January 2021

Happy New Year!

 Every best wish for the New Year and Christmas (no, I'm not late, it's still Christmas!) and I hope everyone is well and able to be with their family. 

After the weird year we have had, I have to confess that I wasn't looking forward to Christmas.  Not being able to plan proper get togethers is brutal.  We have had our daughter with us for a few weeks now, and we had a nice quiet pleasant time at home.  

The lack of enthusiasm in advance meant that I left it too late to buy a Christmas tree, so I had to improvise.  In the front garden we have a scrubby little self-sown bay tree that we have never got round to digging up properly.  In the front room we had a vase of fresh roses that I hadn't bothered to throw out, and which had dried in the vase.  The substitute Christmas tree was a couple of branches of bay with the dried roses tied to it.  It looked wonderful for a few days, but we never got round to putting the branches in water, so the leaves all dried up and curled. Do you detect a theme here?

Today I made chicken stock with left over bones from our Christmas dinner and threw in a couple of bay leaves.  Believe me, they were the most aromatic leaves ever!  The rest of the leaves will be stored in a jar to use in the kitchen.  We should have enough to last us for the whole year and beyond.

Let's see what 2021 has in store for us...


  1. Happy New Year Muv. I felt exactly the same, in fact my Christmas tree consisted of a cutting from my mum's money tree which has nicely bushed out and loves being neglected in the kitchen. I draped a red sequin ribbon around it (I have no idea from whence that came!) and a little felted gingerbread man was hung on a leaf. A chicken friend sent the little man - it is cute. And that was that. Same as New Year and I went to bed early! I just don't like the sequence of events and miss the family. But hey ho maybe we will get together when lockdown number 24 (or tier kazillionty three) is done and dusted!

    Take care and best wishes xxxx

    1. Thanks Kerry. Beyond a joke, isn't it? If it weren't for knitting and marmalade it would have driven me totally daft by now. I've got enough marmalade now to open a shop.

      A normal summer would be lovely. Let's dream.

  2. You need to set up a little box for sales at the gate! I will go with the dream - sounds good to me! xxx

  3. We barely decorated for 3 years (out of town for the first, hubby was unemployed the 2nd, and just didn't feel like it last year) but this year our son and our grandkids came for a whole week. Hubby hadn't had a chance to meet our grandson (16 months old now) because earlier trips were cancelled due to Covid. We went all out this year. Now to put it all away (the worst part). Happy New Year!

    1. Thank you Cheryl! I hope you have had a lovely Christmas with your grandchildren.



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