Saturday 5 April 2014

A 1940s Blouse Coming Soon...

Finally I am using the 1940s blouse pattern.  The pieces inside had never been used, nor even unfolded.  It was a delicate operation, carefully opening out 70 year-old tissue paper.  It needed smoothing out, so I used the iron on as cool a setting as possible.  Then I laid the pieces out onto plain paper and drew round them.  The pattern markings were easy to copy by poking a pencil through the perforations on the pattern.  After that I made completely new pattern pieces by tracing the outlines and markings onto greaseproof paper.

The plan is...

... to have the sun ray darts as on View C, with the darts at the top of the sleeves too...

... but with shorter sleeves with cuffs as on View B.  Also, the front will open and have buttons all the way down, and I am going to put on a collar.

And just to make even more work for myself,  I am going to gather it in at the waist and add a peplum.

It is going to be interesting.  Let's just hope it won't be a jolly red floral disaster.

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  1. Hi Muv
    I like the look of this pattern. I think that those sun-ray darts are going to look fantastic. I eagerly await further developments.

  2. I think the end product will be cool to see. Love that you're sharing this with us.

  3. That is going to be lovely. I never learned how to stitch clothing. The 40's had some really pretty clothes. Romantic styles.



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