Tuesday 1 April 2014

Meet My Daughter Again

My daughter's parcel tape alter ego is finally looking fairly presentable.  The smart wooden stand was made last weekend by my husband with wood that was cluttering up his shed.  The base used to be part of a makeshift stool that was no longer needed, and the wooden pole was left over batten from when we had an area of roof leaded.  It is now adjusted so that the torso stands at our daughter's height, and conveniently enough, the join in the stand corresponds with the position of her knees.

I managed to persuade her to part with a favourite nightdress which she still used as a top for bed. The label says age 10-11.  She is 18.  Somehow it had grown with her.  It made an ideal cover over the parcel tape.  The neck is filled in with a layer of interfacing that I know I will never use otherwise.

The back needed to be pulled in so it fitted tightly over the body.  It only took a few minutes to put the new seam in down the back and then cut away the excess.

The sleeves just needed a circle of running stitches so I could pull them in at the shoulders, giving a rather gruesome view from this angle.  Finally, a line of running stitches around the hem served to pull the nightdress into place at the lower edge. 

Perhaps now I might finally make her the dress I promised her three years ago...

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