Thursday 10 April 2014

Sew for Victory Sew-along

A couple of weeks ago I discovered the Sew for Victory 1940s Sew-along at Rochelle's blog Lucky Lucille and decided I just had to jump in with the 1940s blouse.  Making vintage clothes on vintage machines is what I originally decided to do about four years ago, but somehow I got sidetracked into quilting.  Who says you can't do both?  It's all sewing.

Anyway, if you hit the Sew for Victory button in the right hand margin, you can visit Lucky Lucille and follow the link to the Flickr group, where participants are posting works in progress and finished garments.  Also, the blog has a fabulous compilation video of last year's sew-along, showing some truly gorgeous fashions.

Because the sew-along had already been running for a fortnight when I found out about it, it was a bit late to start planning anything spectacular.  Also, I am trying to buy as little as possible, other than thread, trim and buttons, so I am using up what is left of the jolly red daisies material that I used for the toddler's dress.

So far, progress has been fairly slow but steady...  

The sunray darts took a ridiculously long time, but they are finally done.  I have been trying to work out a time saving dodge for darts, but without making another similar blouse I won't know if it will work.

The neck and the armholes are far too small on the pattern, so there is a fair amount of adjustment going on.

But we are getting there... and I have my model lined up for the final photo shoot...

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