Tuesday 30 September 2014

Now All I Have to Do is Start Sewing...

I have had a little splurge recently and bought some striped Oakshott cottons.

Here is the whole selection, half a metre of each.  There were two reasons for snapping them up.  

Firstly, they are being discontinued, and there is very little left.  They are hand woven in India, and the colours are too beautiful for words.

I kept wondering what this one reminded me of, and then I realised it was the field round the corner. Shame the sun wasn't out.

Secondly, I am at the advanced planning stage for a big quilt.  Advanced planning is the grandiose term for having finished it in my head but not actually started it yet.  I know exactly what I am going to do, which colours I am going to use, and I even bought some backing material and wadding today, so things are getting serious.  

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  1. Such pretty fabrics. I'm looking forward to seeing these in a project.

  2. These are beautiful. I can't wait to see what you do with them.

  3. Ha ha! I like that there is a term for having a quilt finished in one's head, but not yet started in real life. You ARE getting serious now that your fabric is gathered. Good luck with bringing your idea forth into the world!

  4. Hi Lizzie, Wonderful comparison of the field and the fabric! your landscape looks very much like the area where I grew up around Sussex, New Brunswick, Canada.
    Fabulous collection of cotton!

    1. You're right, Gwen! I have just looked at a few pictures of Sussex on the internet -a very similar landscape with a different set of trees.

  5. Can't beat a good big (cheap) pile of Oakshott.

  6. Very pretty colors. I can see why you could not pass them up!

  7. Those cottons are beautiful and I'm intrigued as to what you will do with them. When I saw the first picture I thought that they were wool. Maybe because of the colors and stripes.



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