Wednesday 1 October 2014

A Fluffy Sewing Machine Handle

When using a hand machine I always pad the handle with a bit of pipe lagging for comfort, but when I pulled one of my machines out of its hidey hole today and took off the cover, I wondered whether there was enough fur on the handle for me to forget the padding.  Oh the joys of living in a damp country.

It was quite interesting from a (not quite micro)biological point of view.  Once the cover had been off for a short while all the pretty downy fluff fell flat.  

Moral of the story - check your machines at least once a year to check they aren't quietly festering.  If you live in New Mexico and/or a centrally heated house, you might be able to ignore this advice.


  1. Ew! That's kinda creepy! I love hearing about it!

  2. That's got me thinking!

    My studio is the converted end of our garage that gets very hot in summer and cold in winter. This year is the first year for my machines in there. I plan to put them in a cupboard (I can get 9 in there!) with something to absorb the mositure and cover with a fleece blanket plus set a heater to come on below 5 degrees C in the room - so hopefully I will avoid the 'fluffy' handles and any rust on the machines!

    1. You might have fun in a converted garage.

      This machine was on the floor in the corner of our warmest room , which is heated with a wood burner and connects with the kitchen. It is close to an outside wall, 18 inches thick and built of stone. I think the problem is that it is the coldest part of the room, with little air circulating there, so all the moisture in the air condenses.



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