Monday, 7 October 2013

Making a Sewing Machine Cover - Stage 2

Today I have been working on the machine cover, using the free motion pieces that I had made in advance.  The cover will be for my Singer 15K treadle.  I have used the dimensions of the bentwood cover of the 15K hand machine as a guide.

First I cut a large panel, 21 and three quarters by 25 and a quarter inches.  Then I cut the two side panels, 10 and a half by 8 and three quarters.  On the photo I have shown the two side panels opposite ways up - the density of the quilting only really shows up on the back.

Next, to get the curve at the top corners of the side panel, I cut around the edge of an 8 inch plate.

Here is one of the side panels with the top corners rounded off.

The side panels were then sewn onto the large panel, using a three eighths of an inch seam allowance.  Here is the cover, inside out.  Already it can stand up on its own.

To help the cover keep its shape, the seam allowances need to be sewn down by machine - exactly the same method as I used for the tea cosy.  I worked from the right side...

... and this is what it looks like on the inside.

Here is the outer shell of the cover completed.  It will stand up more firmly once the lining is put in. That is tomorrow's job.

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