Wednesday 9 October 2013

Making a Sewing Machine Cover - Stage 4

The final stage - putting on the binding.  Once the lining was inside the outer shell of the cover I secured the two layers together with a line of stitching about an eighth of an inch from the edge.

Because the outer shell is a fraction bigger than the lining, I used large hand sewn running stitches to gather in the slight fullness before doing the machine stitching at the edge. Fortunately there was very little discrepancy in size between the two layers - had I needed to I would have done an extra line of machining, as I did with the tea cosy.

After that it was an easy job putting on the binding.  The African print had a narrow border, and there was enough for me to use as the binding with only an inch and a half to spare.  
Exceedingly jammy.

Here is the completed cover with the Singer 201K treadle hiding underneath.  I am actually going to use it on the 15K treadle, but the 201K treadle had to stand in to do the modelling job because the 15K is surrounded by sewing room chaos.

And this photo is of the 15K hand machine hiding underneath - entirely appropriate because this is the machine that did all the work on the cover except for the free motion quilting. Because I used the dimensions of the bentwood cover of this machine for the measurements when cutting the panels, the cover fits snugly around the base.

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  1. Hola Lizzie! sobria y elegante felicitaciones!

  2. It looks great! I'm going to need to get busy making covers as soon as I move!

    1. Thanks Missy! Best of luck with your move - hope all goes well.

  3. Hello Muv
    This looks fantastic. The shape is great. It reminds me of a covered wagon in a Western. Much more fun than a simple cuboid. I love how you have utilised the border print as the binding. It's very effective. It's funny how, at 2am or when ever we all get done sewing the heavy rigid cases of vintage machines seem just too much too bother with. I suspect you will get a lot of use from this item.

    1. Gavin, Exactly what my husband said, covered wagon. I'm ridiculously pleased with it, it turned out such a good fit. Nothing like winging it online. I might do another to fit the 99K.
      Love, Muv

  4. *Applause Applause* Outstanding cover Muv, the fabric is so vibrant and alive, and I love how you mimic the rounded shape of a bentwood. Now I know what to use for a pattern for my treadles. (I don't like throwing the belts to fold them into their wells.)

  5. That's superb. Trouble is, I feel the need to make one, and I have no time. The to-do list has grown by yet another item. At this rate it'll be started sometime late 2014...

    Thanks for sharing :-)

  6. Muv, what Gavin said. Truly lovely. Thanks again for the inspiration to go on and make the cloth cover I've been meaning to make for 3 years! Linda (Wulf Koenig)



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