Friday 22 September 2017

It's A Twiddle Blanket!

Unplanned, random, just plain fun.  After a gap of about thirteen years, I have picked up my knitting needles again and made something.  Joining a church knitting group introduced me to twiddle blankets, and I was away.  The stash of wool that has been rammed into an upstairs cupboard for years is gradually reducing.

This first blanket is in effect a giant sized tension square, giving me the method for future projects.  I have used chunky yarn, or a double strand of thinner yarn, so that it grew quickly.  To keep it flat and warm, I used a basket weave stitch which gives snug texture.  For the twiddle factor, I sewed on buttons and knitted flowers.

The flowers are easy to make and have the habit of furling themselves up, just like real flowers.

Using double strands of yarn gave me the opportunity to do a bit of colour blending.  This dark and light green blend definitely looks like a 1950s gardener's jumper.

The chunky picot edge down one side wasn't in the plan at the start.  I had to disguise a rather loosely worked edge somehow.  

There is still plenty more wool upstairs.  I think I shall end up making a few of these blankets. 

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