Saturday 3 March 2018

A Quick Project

Scraps of binding, a practice piece from when I was first learning free motion quilting, and a conveniently cylindrical coffee pot all add up to a very quick project for a dull afternoon.

While on a visit this week I spotted a coffee pot just like this one with its own wrap-around cosy, and knew I just had to make one, especially as I had all the components already prepared and stashed away waiting for the right project.  We have two of these coffee pots, a small one and a large one.  I am not a coffee drinker, but my husband uses the smaller pot every day to make himself a solo cup.  I said I was going to make a cosy, and the conversation went something like this:-

"What for?"
"To keep your coffee hot."
"But I want it to cool down."
"I want to make one."
"To use up the bits and pieces."
"It's not worth the effort."
"Yes it is."

Etc. etc. etc.  I suppose I should have realised he wouldn't totally see the point, because I am the one who insists on hot tea, scalding soup, hot dinner plates, and can finish a meal while he is still waiting for his to cool down.  Anyway, we came to an agreement.  I shall make one for the larger pot so we can keep coffee warm when we have visitors.

I am looking forward to a super quick finish!


  1. Great way to use up scraps! I, too, am a food that is hot person. My husband will heat something up for me, no matter what, and ask me if it is warm enough. After sticking my finger in it, I know--ick, and finding it is warm-ish, I stick it back in the micro for another minute or more. And now you're getting a pot warmer so your coffee will be the temperature you want it--hurray!

  2. I think perhaps you were speaking to my husband?

    1. Could well have been. Did he tell you he was just nipping out to the shops?

  3. Hi Muv, that was so funny :-) Sounds like you came up with a good compromise. Have fun making it!



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